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Bridgetown provides comprehensive support for rich presentation of data and design via the Liquid template language, available within documents as well as layouts and components. If you find that Liquid doesn’t suit your needs when building your site templates, Bridgetown also allows for using ERB. You can mix and match ERB and Liquid templates freely throughout your site.

Generally in Liquid you output content using two curly braces e.g. {{ variable }} and perform logic statements by surrounding them in a curly brace percentage sign e.g. {% if statement %}. To learn more about Liquid, check out the official Liquid Documentation.

The ability to use Liquid within Markdown in posts and pages allows for advanced customization of your content pipeline. For example, you can write custom plugins to supply new Liquid tags and filters and use them throughout your site.

In addition to Liquid’s standard suite of filters and tags, Bridgetown provides a number of useful additions to help you build your site:

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