A Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator
for the modern Jamstack era.

Built upon proven open source technology, Bridgetown is a fast, scalable, modular, and thoroughly forward-looking framework for building websites and frontend applications.

  • Craft Clever Content. Content in Bridgetown is simply text files and assets in your repository. Write flexible Markdown and use sophisticated Liquid tags to enhance your presentation and functionality. Using a headless CMS or third-party APIs? That works too!

  • Design with Components. Encapsulate common building-blocks of your design which can be reused across multiple pages and contexts or displayed in an always up-to-date style guide. Use components provided by themes and plugins or write your own.

  • Customize with Plugins. Develop your own plugins in the delightful Ruby programming language to enable totally custom projects, or install community gems to supercharge your site build. Sprinkle Ruby Front Matter on templates to bring them to life.

  • Add a Modern Frontend. Bridgetown comes with support for Webpack out-of-the-box, which means you can add Javascript frameworks like React, Vue, Stimulus as well as CSS frameworks like Bulma or Tailwind to get a leg up fast.

  • Deploy Anywhere. Use an automated hosting service like Netlify to deploy your site upon every update, or just sync the output folder to a standard web server and you’re done. It’s without a doubt the most flexible publishing system available.

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News Updates

E-commerce on the Jamstack with Bridgetown, Snipcart, and Bulma CSS

A journey into Sparkletown with a short stop for some shopping.
Margaret Berry Margaret Berry on August 11, 2020

To ERB and Beyond! What’s New in Bridgetown 0.16 “Crystal Springs”

It's the height of summer, and we’re here with a real treat for Rubyists everywhere! At last you can have your cake and eat it too with the release of Bridgetown 0.16 “Crystal Springs”—write site templates in your choice of ERB, Haml, or Slim all while enjoying the benefits of Bridgetown’s Jekyll-inspired ease of configuration and rapid content development process.
Jared White Jared White on July 28, 2020

Introducing Our Latest Sponsor and a New Core Team Member

Today's post may be short, but it is exciting nonetheless! Please give a warm welcome to Martin Tomov and Konnor Rogers.
Jared White Jared White on July 2, 2020

Huge Theme and Workflow Advances in Bridgetown 0.15 “Overlook”

Introducing themes, automations, Liquid Components, testing strategies, and a new Thor-based CLI—all to make your experience building Bridgetown sites a true delight.
Jared White Jared White on June 18, 2020