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Bridgetown plugins can provide commands for the bridgetown executable.

Commands are built using the Thor CLI toolkit, which powers many popular Ruby libraries and frameworks including Rails, Bundler, and Middleman.

In Bridgetown 1.2, plugin gems which provide new commands won’t work unless they’re required within a boot file (aka config/boot.rb). This is likely to change in a future version of Bridgetown. In the meantime, you’ll want to clarify that fact in your plugin gem’s README. More information is available here.

Simply subclass Thor in your plugin and use a registration block to notify Bridgetown how to include your command. Commands are written in a command [subcommand] format, so if your base command is river, your logic will be contained within one or more subcommands:

bridgetown river # outputs a help message about the available subcommands
bridgetown river bank
bridgetown river flows

You can also use the ConfigurationOverridable concern to load the bridgetown.config.yml configuration and optionally override keys with command line options passed to your command.

Here’s an example of how to write a Thor subclass:

require_all "bridgetown-core/commands/concerns"

module MyPlugin
  module Commands
    class River < Thor
      include Bridgetown::Commands::ConfigurationOverridable

      Bridgetown::Commands::Registrations.register do
        desc "river <command>", "Take me to the river"
        subcommand "river", River

      desc "bank", "Walk along the river bank"
      def bank
        puts "Out for a stroll..."

      desc "flow", "Old man river, he just keeps on rolling along"
      option :destination, desc: "Override configuration file destination"
      def flow
        config = configuration_with_overrides(options)
        destination = config["destination"]

        puts "Flowing to your destination: #{destination}"

In addition, if you want full access to automations from within your command, you can include the Thor and custom Bridgetown actions:

include Thor::Actions
include Bridgetown::Commands::Actions

Then your command can use Thor actions:

say_status :river, "Go with the flow! :)"

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