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BridgetownConf 2022 Talks Now Online

Jared White Jared White on November 21, 2022

BridgetownConf 2022 was a smashing success! It was held online as a Zoom conference. I’d never run any sort of large-scale event like this, so I was pretty nervous! Thankfully, Zoom has really blossomed as a fantastic suite of technologies. Not only was it pretty great to use in the moment on my Mac, but the cloud recording features worked flawlessly. (My upload bandwidth isn’t super great so my own camera stream has the occasional hiccup, but I wouldn’t blame that on Zoom.)

All that to say, I expect more single-session meetups on Zoom to follow in the coming year as a way to keep the community engaged and share cool tech demos. As for BridgetownConf itself, will we do it again in a year’s time? Will it be held in person as well? I won’t speculate on the latter question, but as for the former, you betcha we’ll be doing this again!

All right, enough of my rambling. All of the videos are available here on the BridgetownConf website. Eventually we’ll syndicate them over to YouTube, but for now, enjoy! ☺️

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