Jazz Up Your Site with Themes & Plugins

Peruse our growing collection of official and third-party plugins which provide new capabilities to your Bridgetown site. If you've authored a plugin gem, add the bridgetown-plugin topic to your GitHub repo to include it here.


A collection of helpful automations that can be applied to Bridgetown websites.


An automation for adding Cypress to Bridgetown


A Bridgetown automation for adding Stimulus JS

bridgetown-cloudinary v1.0.2

Embed or access images with transformations using Cloudinary and Bridgetown

bridgetown-feed v1.1.2

A Bridgetown plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Bridgetown posts


A Bridgetown plugin which provides support for Haml templates.


SVG optimizer and inliner for Bridgetown

bridgetown-minify-html v0.2.0

Minify your HTML on your Bridgetown site

bridgetown-notable v0.1.0

Bridgetown plugin to host Notable pages

bridgetown-quick-search v1.0.3

A Liquid + Web Component for Bridgetown sites which performs search queries with Lunr.js.

bridgetown-seo-tag v3.0.5

A Bridgetown plugin to add metadata tags for search engines and social networks to better index and display your site's content.


A Bridgetown plugin which provides support for Slim templates.

bulmatown v1.0.5

A Bulma CSS starter theme for Bridgetown.


A simple way to execute Javascript in a Ruby context via Node