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Introducing Our Latest Sponsor and a New Core Team Member

Jared White Jared White on July 2, 2020

Today’s post may be short, but it is exciting nonetheless!

First of all, I’d like to thank our latest sponsor on GitHub of the Bridgetown project: Martin Tomov. Martin hails from London (hiya! 👋) and has worked with technologies ranging from Ruby on Rails to Elasticsearch to the blockchain! Thanks again Martin for your support. 🙏

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Bridgetown has a new core team member! Please give a warm welcome to Konnor Rogers aka ParamagicDev. Konnor hails from Providence, Rhode Island, and has been very active in our Discord chat for some time now. You might have seen some of the awesome automations and plugins he’s contributed to the Bridgetown ecosystem. Now he’s working on Bridgetown itself and helping to push the project forward in code quality, performance, and capability. We’re thrilled to have you aboard, Konnor!

One last tidbit: we’re aware of a whole slew of websites-in-development using Bridgetown, so we look forward to getting the word out once some of them go live. So far the feedback has been unanimous: building sites with Bridgetown is a remarkably streamlined and pleasurable experience! And remember, if you have a Bridgetown site you’d like us to showcase here, you can always send us a reply or DM on Twitter!

Stay tuned for further news on the next release of Bridgetown and additional video tutorials from me (Jared). Until then, excelsior!

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