The Future of Bridgetown Today in v0.18 “Taylor Street”

An action-packed release which sets the tone for the future of Bridgetown and the broader Ruby web developer community.
Jared White Jared White on October 30, 2020

The Data Cascade, Find Tag, and More in Bridgetown 0.17

We're pleased as Punch to announce the release of Bridgetown 0.17, codenamed "Mount Scott". Some of the improvements are optimizations at the code level and preparing for bigger features down the road (i18n), but there are also a few goodies you can start using in your projects today.
Jared White Jared White on September 18, 2020

Midsummer 2020 Bridgetown Plugin Roundup

Bridgetown is amazingly useful right out of the box, but add a few plugins and an automation or two, and it sizzles!
Jared White Jared White on August 25, 2020

E-commerce on the Jamstack with Bridgetown, Snipcart, and Bulma CSS

A journey into Sparkletown with a short stop for some shopping.
Margaret Berry Margaret Berry on August 11, 2020

To ERB and Beyond! What’s New in Bridgetown 0.16 “Crystal Springs”

It's the height of summer, and we’re here with a real treat for Rubyists everywhere! At last you can have your cake and eat it too with the release of Bridgetown 0.16 “Crystal Springs”—write site templates in your choice of ERB, Haml, or Slim all while enjoying the benefits of Bridgetown’s Jekyll-inspired ease of configuration and rapid content development process.
Jared White Jared White on July 28, 2020

Introducing Our Latest Sponsor and a New Core Team Member

Today's post may be short, but it is exciting nonetheless! Please give a warm welcome to Martin Tomov and Konnor Rogers.
Jared White Jared White on July 2, 2020

Huge Theme and Workflow Advances in Bridgetown 0.15 “Overlook”

Introducing themes, automations, Liquid Components, testing strategies, and a new Thor-based CLI—all to make your experience building Bridgetown sites a true delight.
Jared White Jared White on June 18, 2020

Bridgetown Around the Web (Late May 2020 Edition)

A whole lot's been happening lately in the world of Bridgetown and the Jamstack, and this is our attempt to get caught up in blog form!
Jared White Jared White on May 27, 2020

A Bridge to the Future: What’s New in Bridgetown 0.14 “Hazelwood”

The biggest public release of Bridgetown since its inception, featuring the brand-new Unified Plugins API, Active Support, and a whole lot more.
Jared White Jared White on May 18, 2020

PostCSS, Tailwind, Plugins…Oh My!

For you diehard fans of Tailwind CSS out there, Andrew Mason has got you covered. Also, we now have a GitHub-sourced Plugins directory!
Jared White Jared White on May 7, 2020