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Adventure on the Bonny Slope with Bridgetown 1.2

Jared White Jared White on January 25, 2023

Happy January 2023 folks! I’m very pleased to announce the release of Bridgetown 1.2. 🎉 Installation and upgrade instructions are available, as well as detailed release notes. (Why the codename Bonny Slope? The answer may surprise you! 👀)

Some exciting stats:

  • We’ve reached a new record with a total of 26 contributors to the v1.2 release, many of them new to the project!
  • Among the many contributions is the addition of a new “dark mode” courtesy of Neil van Beinum and Adrian Valenzuela! Finally our site doesn’t have to blind you anymore when the sun goes down. 😎
  • There have been over 110,000 downloads of Bridgetown on RubyGems to date.
  • Nearly 600 projects on GitHub include Bridgetown as a dependency.

And ICYMI, we hosted our first-ever online conference BridgetownConf in November 2022, and all the videos are available here for free! Lots of great information about what’s new in Bridgetown 1.2 and what’s next for the ecosystem.

To recap what’s included in the Bridgetown 1.2 release: 👇

  • We’ve introduced a brand new Ruby-based configuration format that lets you require gems, load plugins, set configuration options, and customize your Roda application—all at the same time with everything in one place. Say hello to config/initializers.rb. Read the docs.
  • We’ve simplified front matter data access to save you on keystrokes. So instead of in a page template, you can just write data.title. We also have a new data merge feature so you could write data.authors[] and have data.authors pull from site-wide data. Read the docs.
  • The new content slots features provides a new way to manage how your content flows through templates and layouts. Slots are also a fantastic addition to Bridgetown’s Ruby components. Read the docs.
  • Many quality-of-life improvements around i18n, helpers, SSR, and more.

For additional details, read our initial beta introduction post and the release notes.

As always, if you run into any issues trying out Bridgetown please hop into our community channels and let us know how we can help! And if you’re new to Ruby, we’re also pleased to recommend other resources and communities which can give you a leg up in learning this delightful and productive language.

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